Combination Therapy

In patients suffering from several different vein issues, a complete treatment plan may involve combining several different techniques. The treatment goal is to eliminate venous insufficiency, relieve symptoms, improve long term health and improve the appearance of the legs.

To accomplish these goals, combined techniques and procedures may be necessary. For example, deeper veins that have reflux, such as the great saphenous veins, are treated with endovenous ablation or endovenous laser therapy (EVLT). This takes the abnormal venous pressure off the more superficial veins. Next, any bulging varicose veins are removed by ambulatory phlebectomy, which is sometimes combined with ultrasound guided sclerotherapy. Finally, the spider veins are treated with a combination of sclerotherapy and laser treatments.

At your consultation, your physician will determine what course of combination therapy might be right for your individual areas of concern.